Collectively creating global preventive care

Happily Ever After is a network of health and well-being spaces, to nurture our mind, body and soul.

Find out why

Prevention is better than a cure

The current healthcare system is designed to mitigate suffering after an issue is found. A preventive approach avoids suffering altogether.

HEA is a space

Our autonomous spaces are operated by local community members and experts. People are enabled to approach well-being in a safe and guided setting. They are cyber-physical environments designed to be accessible to everyone.

HEA is a culture

With a strong culture of co-creation and care, members share research and facilitate experiences to help others discover what well-being means to them.

HEA is an open health network

Our spaces coordinate globally to share ideas, experiences and tools with each other and the world. Health should be open, and everything we do together is free for anyone else to build on.



Grow community

Gather value-aligned members around understanding the challenges and opportunities in taking the preventive care approach.


Seed spaces

Launch pilot health and well-being spaces to validate our impact on community well-being.


Scale network

Empower members to start autonomous and community-run spaces all over the world.

If you would like to contribute to the future we envision, join us in collectively creating global preventive care.

We're looking for Clinicians ∙ Health Coaches ∙ Therapists ∙ Meditation Guides ∙ Allied Health Professionals ∙ Designers ∙ Creatives ∙ Digital Marketers ∙ Health Influencers ∙ Software Engineers ∙ Writers ∙ Storytellers ∙ Sleep Researchers ∙


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